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Jeni Gutke, LAC


"The essence of life

is to communicate


  - Author Unknown

Jeni believes in being an advocate to facilitate lasting change and healing through empowerment of her clients! The goal is to identify presenting issues, thinking errors and unresolved memories and unprocessed emotions to help heal negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to make connections to truth, innate gifts and positive thoughts and feelings that are adaptive and productive In making  mind/body/spirit connections for lasting healing and progress!  She believes in her clients’ ability to gain insight, confidence, courage and self compassion to gain self love and heal.


When we have lost our way, we can rediscover how to love ourselves and thus love others and allow love into our healing journey. She is strength-based and solution-focused to encourage and explore self-actualization as well as relationship connections. By unburdening our past pain, sorrows and disappointments, we may discover our gifts and illuminate the path on our intentional journey.  Jeni truly believes in the adage “The essence of life is to communicate love.”


Jeni fosters healing through an integrative approach utilizing EMDR, DBT, CBT, IFS, Hypnotherapy/Guided Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping and energy healing to facilitate powerful, lasting change in one's life. She teaches clients self regulation and mindfulness  and communication through essence self energy to acquire lifelong tools for centering and authentic connection to others.

Jeni specializes in young adult, men’s  and women’s issues, anxiety/panic, OCD, PTSD, trauma, relationship and adjustment issues. 

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