“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
       ~ C.G. Jung



Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy,

Trauma Recovery, Addiction Recovery, Teen Issues and Parenting,  Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Addiction, Communication Issues, Boundaries, Spiritual and Religious Issues, Grief, Relationship Concerns, Infidelity, PTSD, Mindfulness, Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, Goal Setting, Accountability, Developing Empathy, Vulnerability, and much more to help maintain a healthy quality of life. 

Individual Therapy

We provide services for many mental health struggles.  From anxiety or depression, to addiction, and trauma.  We will help you find the path to improve your mental health. 

Couples Therapy

Let us help you reconnect with your partner.  We believe that connection and understanding are essential to be seen deeply by your spouse. 

Trauma Recovery

Traumatic events can come at any time in our lives.  These events have the ability to keep one stuck in the moment of the trauma.  We can help you move beyond the limitations of a traumatic event can cause. 

Addiction Recovery

Be it a sexual addiction, substance abuse, or alcoholism, we can help guide you through the steps of recovery and into a healthy sober life. 

Teen Issues and Parenting Skills

We offer specialized counseling to help your teens achieve the best possible version of themselves.  While at the same time helping you, as the parent, master the skills necessary to raise great kids. 



Every journey has it's challenges and adversity. How we confront those moments will change the trajectory of the journey. Our goal here is to help you overcome those hard moments and regain the joy and satisfaction in life again. 


"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
- Heraclitus




Michael Medley, LPC

Founder and Supervisor


Andy Newman, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor


Jeni Gutke, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor


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Location and Phone:

1355 S Higley Rd, Suite 115

Gilbert, AZ 85296

Located in Building 6

Phone: 480-962-4357

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